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     Auto Design Sky Dancers     
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Authorized Sky Dancers International Distributor Worldwide
is your source for Custom and Stock Sky Dancers, Air Puppets,and  Performairs

18ft Tor Dancer pre-made.

Huge Sale    HOT SALE    CAR WASH   Car Shape
$279             $279              $279              $229
Purchase on button bellow, option with T 1 Blower available. 

______________AUTO __________ 


ANY Brand Name or Message, 18 foot air dancer and Blower $619.00 Made in USA

Brand Name items can only be purchase by Authorized dealers of that brand, prof may be required.
Used car dealers CANNOT purchase Brand Name custom or stock items.


Classic           Popular       Automotive           Cellular         Custom       Food/Bev.     Holidays    Accessories

Return  /  Refund Policy : NO Refunds, Returns and replacement only if merchandise arrived defective,
in our error, or failed during specific applicable warranties for each item.

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